Voice of An Angel Shoot

This past weekend, Dreamweaver Music artist, Kae Prodigy teamed up with Kelly Lynch of Lynchpin Creative to bring his song, ‘Voice of An Angel’ to life. Featured on the track are the Chrome Cats and we couldn’t be more excited about seeing the finished product. For now, here is a shot from one the locations, Canton Laundry!

Kae Prodigy & the Chrome casts on the Voice of An Angel shoot.

Kae Prodigy & the Chrome casts on the Voice of An Angel shoot.

T-Pulse Purple Nation

Dreamweaver Music is proud to introduce all of you who have been sleeping here in the midwest to one of the sickest rappers coming out of Indiana. With a style all his own and a flow thats unmatched by even the most season veterans of the game. T-Pulse has been rapping since 2009 and has been first place since birth. Take a number and get in line at your nearest buffet because The Purple Nation Sampler Platter is a guaranteed 5 course meal. Check out his Facebook fan page and don’t forget to download and share the tracks below.

War & Weather Release

Its been a long time in the works but its finally here. Andy Scheer, an incredibly talented & seasoned song-writer from Atlanta, Georgia, has finally released his debut EP Available iTunes & on his Website, It’s also available to stream anytime you’d like on Spotify. We’re really proud of Andy and all his hard work to get this record out into the hands of his fans.

You can expect Andy to be playing these songs around the Atlanta area and hopefully in the near future an area near you. The EP, has a total of six songs on it which span from Americana to Pop/Singer-songwriter genres. His lyrical romance will take you on a journey through many of the emotions of love and its nuances.

Drop Love, a single he released just before the release of this EP. gives you a little taste of Andy’s more diverse influences. We hope you enjoy the latest from one of more recent additions to Dreamweaver Music and be sure to spread the word about Andy Scheer and his EP, War & Weather.

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Chad Deutsch promo

As of late, here at Dreamweaver Music, we have been putting together and building a production team to help facilitate the need for better quality promotional and brandable content we can provide for our clients and artists. Recently we worked with an up in coming producer in Fort Wayne, Chad Deutsch. You can find out more about his work and music on his website, ChadDeutsch.com Below is a brief video we put together for him.

Studio Session with Homeless J

Until recently, many people have been wondering if Homeless J were going to be playing any more shows or recording any new music. We got the chance a few weeks ago to hear a new song at the Pint N Slice show and we are excited to let you know, Homeless J is back in the studio working on a new record. It doesn’t get much more exciting than to be right in the thick of it and hear these news songs progress and develop in the studio. With that said, Homeless J has given us permission to get behind the scenes in the studio as they work through this new record. Stay tuned as they will be releasing videos documenting the recording and writing process. They dropped the first video this week, you can check it out below.

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Supports the Ft. Wayne Rescue Mission

This past weekend we put together a show at 816 Pint N Slice. The band line up included, Sarah Alicia, Homeless J & James and the Drifters. The event went off without a hitch and we had amazing turn out of around 150 people. Our goal was to provide people with an intimate setting where people of all ages could be introduced to and participate with each of these three great bands. The show started @ 8:30 and at the end of the night we ending up collecting just under 100 canned & non-perishable food .As part of our commitment to supporting local organizations, venues, bands, and the community we were honored to be able to give the cans to the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission. Everyday there is a need and opportunity for people in the community to be involved in serving the less fortunate. We encourage anyone in and around the Fort Wayne area to participate in the local community, get involved with a cause and pursue the convictions and passions of your heart. If there is anything we can do to help out, let us know and we will do our best. Special thanks to Showtime Live Productions for making this show sound amazing!

Tennessee and back

Dreamweaver Music has been really busy lately. As the weather warms up and people begin moving back outside, the booking season begins to pick up and festivals start looking to fill their spots.

Sarah Alicia, one of our soulful and most promising young artists played a festival in Chattanooga, TN this past weekend. Her first show ever in the state of Tennessee and it was definitely a successful one. She got to connect with a bunch of new fans and played some news songs she has been in the process of writing. She has several shows coming up here in the near future and her June calendar availability is dwindling. Be sure to keep tabs on her as she possibly will be playing in your area!