Our Mission

Dreamweaver Music a full service artist development, management, and independent music company for artists who have the potential to break into the mainstream.

In 2010, owner and founder, Nicholas Weaver started the company with the intent to give musicians the chance to launch themselves onto the local music scene with polish and professionalism. The result attracted the attention of musicians, venues, radio stations, sponsors, and major label record companies. Once up and running, Dreamweaver Music signed their very first artist to the label, Sarah Alicia. Since then we have expanded into several genres of music with the additions of DOCO, Night Is Electric, Kae Prodigy, & Mike Jones.

After joining the Dreamweaver Music, Sarah and her band needed a bit more help. We soon realized that most artists really don’t know how or don’t have time to manage, book, and promote themselves well enough to have a shot at achieving their overall goals. As a result, Dreamweaver Music made some structural changes and became a full service artist development, management, and independent music company for bands needing the professional direction of someone who has been in and around the music business since 2002.

Have a listen to our artist’s music, one thing you will notice is the quality of their records, the polished branding and marketing of their image, and the artist’s raw talent being given the opportunity to grow on their own terms. We are always interested in discovering and listening to new bands. If you think we could be of some help, hit the contact link up at the top of the page! You can always say hey on twitter too! We’d love to hear from you.